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"Why is it so hard to find a nice affordable Girls Dress?"

My Frustration and how it all started:

I started EliteDresses after an unsatisfying experience shopping with my daughter for a dress for her to wear to a piano recital. It was so hard finding something that both of us could agree on. We actually went to five stores and, in the end, I still had to modify the dress after we bought it! To top it all, there was really nothing I wanted to buy with all of those horrible styles. I don't understand why it's so hard to find what I regard as decent clothes that both my daughter and I agree on as appropriate! I don't think I am old fashioned, but there is a difference between what a little girl wears and what a woman wears. Unfortunately, so many stores don't understand this.

About Me:

I grew up in the garment industry. My Mom used to do embroidery (using a manual machine) and made a business out of it. So I knew a bit about dresses. And as a Mom, I learned even more shopping for my daughter. In 2007, I found some US dress suppliers whom I trusted and liked. My husband, Ray, helped me create a website to sell the dresses I meticulously chose. We already had a website selling Learning Chinese Materials,, so starting another website was pretty easy.

Dress Styles:

I sell dresses that I would want my daughter to wear (if she could still fit in them). She has grown a bit so the dress sizes in the store no longer fit her. I look for timeless styles that are of good quality: Flower Girl dresses, Party Dresses, First Communion, Holiday, Chinese, and Vietnamese dresses, and sell them at a fair price. Sounds easy, but it's a lot of work as I want to make sure that I sell only the best. On the left is a picture of my daughter dressed up as a Chinese Princess when she was a bit younger. The photo was taken during our first trip to Taiwan. Kids grow up so fast! And no, I don't know where to get that hat in the US.

Why a 100% Return Policy?

I understand how scary sometimes it is to buy over the Internet. And things happen. My goal is to help you make the special occasion as low stress as possible. I get calls all the time - "Can you ship this right away?" "Can you exchange this?" and so on... I understand so well that planning a wedding, a ceremony, tea party, birthday, or some other occasion is a big job, so my goal is to make your purchases as easy as possible.

More on our Easy Returns/Exchanges Guarantee.


Shipping Costs. I wish it was free! I try to make my shipping charges as fair as possible starting with US 2-3 Day Priority Mail Shipping at $5 for one dress. I ship within one business day and offer Free Shipping in the US for orders over $75. Shipping Details.


I reclaimed my spare bedroom and we moved to a warehouse in the Rowland Heights area. It's so nice to have my spare bedroom back! And moved out of the garage! So now I can park my car in it! My husband and I share the same warehouse :)

We only take orders over the phone and through our website. We don't have a physical dress store. It's neat when a person calls up and asks us if we have a store near them. It does wonders for my ego! One person even asked that from Florida. That makes me feel really good about the impression my website creates with visitors. Unfortunately, we are not set up for visitors right now. Hopefully in the future!

Are you a Real Business?

I got this question a few times, and I understand. I have quite a few customers who were first timers with online shopping. Mostly they have never heard of us. How do you tell that a business is real, and not trying to scam you out of your credit card? That question was why I joined the BBB. My husband got that call and got the sale, but the question bugged him. Also, please check out our customer pictures in our dresses! I don't believe a fake web site would be able to get this many customer pictures :-) And they are so cute! We also finally got our own 800 number! I was sharing it with our Learning Chinese business for sometime.

For better customer service, the 800 number is forwarded to our cell phones when we are out of the office.

Why so much free stuff?

To help you out! There is more to having a flower girl than just buying the dress so I have a collection of tips on Flower Girl stuff. It's all part of my goal to make the special occasion as nice as possible. Be it a wedding, first communion, birthday party, etc., I have lots of free articles, resources, and coloring pages to help out. Plus, I blog. I try to blog almost every day and to come up with topics that could help you.

Why are your prices so cheap?

I am a Mother and my goal is to sell at a fair price. I understand too well that my customers are not made out of money. Personally, I think the prices in so many stores are a joke. Am I supposed to get a loan to buy a dress for my daughter? By being an online store, it helps us keep our prices down since we don't have to pay the rent of a physical retail store.


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