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Western/American Symbolism of Colors

  • Blue - Calming, also patriotic in the US. Depending on the shade may be a stronger or cooler color. Traditional color for boys. Symbolic of the sky.
  • Brown - Symbolic of harmony
  • Green - Symbol of growth and life! Recently has become the Environmental color. Also signifies harmony.
  • Gold - Kingly color
  • Purple - traditional color of royalty and spirituality. Purple dye used to be extremely expensive and was reserved for royalty
  • Red - Strong color showing strength. Patriotic in the US.
  • Pink - Traditional color of girls. Softer than Red, as well as it's sweet side. Large amounts of Pink can cause a person to become weak. Pink is seen as a feminine, delicate color. Pink symbolizes romantic love, where Red is a stronger, passionate love.
  • Yellow - Cheerful color symbolizing sunshine and divinity.
  • White - In American culture mean purity. When combined with Red and Blue patriotic.

Symbolic Colors

  • Patriotic Colors - Patriotic colors from the American Flag.
  • Earth Colors - Brown, Green, Yellow, and Orange.
  • Mourning - Black

Seasonal Colors

Fall - Colors of the leaves in areas that have seasons (Southern California does not really). For the East coast this would be red, orange, yellow, and brown. Colors from September through Thanksgiving.

Summer - Colors that are bright and cheery. The more brighter the better, like fuchsia, turquoise, aqua, yellow, lime green, white, orange.

Winter - Dark Red and Greens are very popular in the Christmas Season. May have a Germanic origin with the Evergreen for the color green.

Spring - Pastels are traditional colors used for Easter Dresses. Easter is the start of Spring so naturally pastels are the predominant colors this season.

Holiday Colors:

  • Valentines Day - Red
  • Christmas - Green and Red (burgundy).
  • Easter - Pastels are traditional Color used for Easter Dresses. Pastels are pale colors. Purple, Green, Yellow, and other pastel colors.
  • Halloween - Orange and Black
  • St. Patrick's Day - Green for the luck of the Irish.
  • July 4th - Independence Day in the US - Red, White, and Blue.