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Meaning of Dress Colors and Symbols -Cultural References

Chinese Traditionally Color Symbolism for QiPao- Meanings for Colors
  • Black is a color for young boys, since it's the beginning
  • Blue is the color of immortality. Blue and Green are the symbols of Spring
  • Gold - Strength and Wealth
  • Green - Harmony
  • Pink - Marriage
  • Purple - Wealth (purple used to be an expensive color to make) and winter
  • Red is the color of good luck, happiness, joy, life's energy, and for brides, since it is of energy as symbolized by fire. This is why you get Red Envelopes for Chinese New Year filled with money!
  • White is the end, so it's the color of mourning
  • Yellow traditionally the color used for imperial service and the first Emperor is called The Yellow Emperor. Against evil.