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Chinese Symbol meanings and Cultural References

Chinese Symbol meaning for QiPao

Symbols are often brocaded into the fabric of QiPao's and each symbol has a different meaning
  • Bamboo - Longevity, since it grows year round and is green even in the hardest of winters.  Also symbolic of strength, flexibility, and plenty.
  • Dragon - Vigor, boy. Symbol of the emperor.
  • Fish - Plenty.  Buddhist symbol of good fortune. The word "yu" sounds like abundance in Chinese.
  • Peaches - Immortality.  Their is a Monkey King story about him stealing peaches.  Peaches also protect against demons.
  • Lotus - Buddhist Symbol of purity, arising out of the mud/muck. Also symbolizes  summer.
  • Chinese Symbol meaning Luck - See below.
  • Plum Flowers - Symbol of Winter and longevity. The five gods of luck are symbolized by the 5 plum blossoms.
  • Tigers - In China are the kings of the animal kingdom. They are seen as a symbol of wealth and vigor.


Dragon Symbol as well as Good Luck
Dragon Symbol

Plum Blossoms and Bamboo Shoots

Plum and Bamboo Shoots