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Easter Articles You & Your Daughter Will LOVE

Information, tips and fun facts for the family!

Easter is a religious holiday, but it is also a fun holiday for your little girl.

Dressing up, going to Easter mass with the family, Easter egg hunt and sharing an Easter meal with family and friends will always be memorable for your children -- and for you!

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Summary of Easter Articles:
  • Easter Fun Facts
  • Easter Symbols and their Meaning
  • Easter Dress-up for Kids

Easter Fun Facts

Did you know...
According to a survey, 76% of people prefer to eat the ears of a chocolate Easter bunny first!

The Easter Egg Hunt was started in the US. Parents would hide eggs in the garden for children to find.

During Easter, kids make nests which they believe the Easter Bunny would fill the with brightly-colored and decorated eggs.
Sometimes the children leave out carrots for the Easter Bunny too.

The practice of Easter egg painting is called Pysanka. In the Greek Orthodox culture, Easter eggs are traditionally painted red.

About 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced each year. Yum!

Easter Symbols and their Meaning

Easter brings new hope and fresh starts. For Christians, Easter signifies the divinity of Jesus when he rose from the dead. For others, Easter is also special as it signifies the end of the cold winter and opens to the new life of spring. This is why Easter is usually about attending Easter Mass and afterwards, the egg hunts, luncheon and fun programs for the family. Parents, girls and boys wear their best Easter dresses and suits during this festive celebration.

A lot of Easter drawings on greeting cards and signs are cute and fun to look at but what does those symbols really mean?

Bunny. In the old times, rabbits or hares symbolized an abundant life

Eggs and Chicks. Easter celebration coincides with the end of the dead cold winter and the start of new life of spring. Eggs contain the emerging life inside it. Chicks are beginning of a new life.

Lamb. Represents Jesus, the “Lamb of God”

New clothes for Easter. New girls Easter dresses symbolize the start of a new life, or starting anew.

Cross. Reminds of the sacrifice of Jesus to save mankind from sins. The cross is empty to signify that the divine Christ has risen from the dead.

Hot Cross Buns. Bread with a cross glazed over it. The cross represents Christs suffering.

Butterflies - Symbolize the life and death and resurrection of Jesus with the life cycle of the caterpillar, that rests in its pupa, and emerges as a glorious butterfly.

Assorted flowers. White or Bermuda lilies symbolizes Jesus’ purity. Daffodils, tulips reminds of new life after the dead winter.

Baby animals. Shows new born life.

Easter Dress up for Kids

Easter is a religious holiday, as it celebrates the return of the Savior. However, as this is held generally after winter, the emergence of new life after spring is also aptly remembered. Whatever the reason, Easter is also fun with all the activities and excitement when kids dress up. Easter mass, egg hunts and luncheon parties add to the celebratory mood.

During this holiday, communities dress up in their best Easter dress, including the children. Girls and boys are dressed in formal wear. Boys are dressed in oxfords, even pastel ones. Girls on the other hand enjoy frilly dresses or sailor style dresses.

How to dress up your little girl at Easter?

What activity is the family engaging in on Easter? If attending a luncheon or more formal event, do dress up in more formal clothing. This is also more suitable when the family is attending mass before the luncheon.

Navy blue is a classic Easter color, but recently pastels are also a popular choice to match the new blooms of nature during spring. Nice fabrics for Easter dresses included velvet or satin. If the weather is generally warmer, consider cotton or linen in happy pastel colors.

Trims of lace and ribbon on the dresses touch up the prettiness of the dress, and the little ladies that wear them. Wraps can warm up your little girl, and is easily removed if the temperature goes up while she is having fun with the Easter activities, such as the Easter egg hunt.

Let your little Easter princess wear pretty but comfortable shoes. She will have to do a lot of walking while searching for the holiday eggs. Play time during Easter festivities also mean comfy shoes are important. Tired feet make even the sweetest little angels cranky.

Fix your little princess’s hair. Let her hair loose with pretty, bouncy curls and adorn with pretty pins or pearl clips. Hats are traditionally worn during Easter, but ask your little girl if she’d prefer wearing a hat or having her fixed up. Hats can scrunch up the best hair dos. If she would like to wear a hat, have her wear her hair in a sensible style that will not be mussed if ever she decides to remove her hat during the Easter activities.

After all, it is Easter time and everything and everyone should bloom.

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