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Easy Returns!

Sometimes you just need to return a dress, even though it's beautiful - as shown by the label on right on a customers return.

I have returned dresses for my daughter that I thought were perfect when I bought them, but something just did not work out, which is why I believe having a great return policy is important.

Reasons vary for returns, and what matters is your taken care of.
Returns and Exchanges at Elitedresses are Fast, Easy, and Painless with no return fee and a 100% Product Refund*. We have one of the top girls dresses return policies around.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Mother & Owner
EliteDresses for Girls

A return that came back with the cutest label on it, and brought a big smile to everyone in our office!
Returns and Exchange Process:

  1. Exchanges - US
    Place a new order so you get your dress super fast. You will be refunded the original dress , when the dress is received in resellable condition. The only difference between an exchange and a return, is the placing of a new order that speeds up the process. Shipping charges are not refunded.

  2. Return Shipping

    You will need to pay. In the US, or one dress using US Priority Mail your cost should be $6 to $8 for one dress depending on your location. $12 for 3 dresses using a Medium Flat Rate box. Priority Mail is usually the lowest cost method for shipping for 3 or few dresses. Prices may not be up to date, USPS from time to time increases their prices.

    Free US Return Shipping is no longer available - Sorry. It was being used by a few customers in a way that was became too costly. For example, they would order 3 dresses, and return all of them with Free Shipping and Returns, and we would be out about $25 plus 3 more dresses in our inventory. Or buy 3, and return 2 and there went our profit margin. Unfortunately, free shipping is not free - somebody has to pay it. This happened enough that it was not fair to our customers who did not do this. Free Return shipping is only available if there is an issue that is our fault.

    Exchanges - Overseas
  3. Please place a new order and your original dress will be refunded, when returned dress is received in resellable condition. The only difference between an exchange and a return, is the placing of a new order that speeds up the process. The customer pays for return shipping because overseas shipping is expensive. Exceptions to this policy are on a case by case basis.

  4. Returns
    An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization #) number is needed for any Returned or Exchanged dress. This enables us to get you the right dress faster, and makes our process work so much smoother.

    Update - Your order number is your RMA #.

  5. To get an RMA #

    Update - Your order number is your RMA #.

    Send an email to within 30 days of our shipment and indicate your request for an RMA #. Be sure to include your order number and which non damaged item(s) is/are being returned / exchanged. The fastest and easiest way to get an RMA #, is reply using the order confirmation email and just rename the subject line requesting an RMA #. We will reply with an RMA # along with your return instructions and tips will then be e-mailed to you.

  6. Deadlines
    Within 5 days receiving your RMA #, please send back the dress you're returning or exchanging with your invoice and a note indicating the reason for the return/exchange inside the box. Please ship it in a box! If you requested the RMA on day 30, please ship by day 50 (no later).

  7. Write the RMA # on the Outside of the Box.
    It makes processing your refund much faster! And yes, there was a return that I never did figure out who sent it to me, so I could not do a refund. I spent hours trying to figure out who it was :-(

  8. 100% Refund Method
    The 100% Refund applies to products, and does not include shipping. Refunds are done by the same method of your original payment if done within 30 days of the order date. For Gift Purchases, a store credit will be issued. If the person returning it is different than the buyer, we still need to send the refund back to the original purchaser. For exchanges, we may make an exception; we will refund the new order when we get back the original dress that was ordered as a gift. Unfortunately we can't refund any customs fees. Hopefully you can request that from the customs service from your country.

  9. Return Time
    Our goal is to process returns as quickly as possible and to be fair, but please give us 5-15 days after we have received the dress to process your refund. Products are looked at very closely for any damage.

  10. Return Confirmation - The customer is E-Mailed once the return has been processed with the amount of the refund.

  11. Damaged Items
    For items that were received damaged, please contact us within 5 days of receipt. Two people check all dresses before shipment and sign the invoice they checked. We will send you out a new replacement dress (same size, color, and style), with a return shipping label (US Only), since it's our fault. Sending a photo of the defect and putting a sticker showing where the defect is very much appreciated, but please, do not pin a note, since the pin may cause a hole that damages the dress.

  12. Size Guarantee
    If you contacted us and provided measurements, and the dress is the wrong size based on our advice (and there will be notes on your order), we will also provide a return shipping label (US Only).

  13. Returns Feedback
    Truthfully, no reason is needed for a return. We only ask the reason for returning or exchanging because it helps us to know what we can do to prevent future returns.

  14. Shipping Address:

Please E-Mail us.

Our goal is easy, fair returns for a win-win relationship with our customers!

Tips, Details, and Explanations:

  1. Why Place A New Order
    To avoid delays and upset customers, I have found this is the easiest way and makes for the happiest customers, is simply just placing a new order for exchanges, this way there is no wait for the dress to be returned.

    This reduces headaches, makes shipment a lot faster, and everyone happier!

    What used to happen, was customers would call and ask for several days in a row:

    Have you got my dress back yet?
    How soon can you ship out the new dress?
    I need it right away, so can you hurry?"

    This just drove everyone crazy. By having the customer place a new order, it made everything work so much better and reduces the frustrations for everyone.

  2. Custom, VAT, and Duty Fees
    Are not refundable by us. We have no control over these charges by your government. Hopefully your government will refund them for returns.

  3. Please Use A Box!
    All returns need to be shipped to us in a box. The Post Office provides free Boxes for Priority Mail . If you need to use UPS or FedEx, please contact us for a physical address, since they do not deliver to a PO Box.

  4. Return Deadlines
    Items sent after 30 days of our shipment will not be accepted/refunded, or if we accept it, we can give you store credit, or there may be a 20% processing fee. Our credit card processor only allows refunds for a certain number of days after the initial sale, and beyond this it becomes a headache.

  5. Merchandise Condition
    Most of the time the returned item is in perfect condition, so this is not an issue. To qualify for the 100% Product Refund, items must be in unworn, undamaged, resellable condition with all original tags attached. All items are thoroughly inspected for any sign of being worn including, but not limited to: smoke, odor, pet hair, picks/runs in the fabric, stains, tears, perfume scent, spaghetti stains, etc. - and yes, we have some interesting stories :-)

    It's sad, but some customers remove the tags so they can use the dress, and then return the dress for a refund, which is not fair. To be fair, we may refuse to accept the item and ask you to pay return shipping if the dress has issues. Or we may accept the return and charge an extra restocking fee of 20%, offer store credit, or offer a partial refund.

    My goal is to be fair with returns for both the customer and my business.

  6. Parts or pieces of dresses
    Such as sashes and flowers cannot be returned for credit or refund. They may be exchanged within our 30-day policy for a one-time exchange only. Headpieces, tiaras, tights, or accessories that have been opened cannot be accepted for returns.

  7. Processing Fee for $150 and above of Returns
    If over $150 worth of products is returned, there may be a 15% processing fee (translation - we may charge a 15% processing fee to cover our costs within 30 days, if for example, you ordered 10 dresses with free shipping and return 9 of them without a good reason there would be a processing fee). If a customer places multiple orders and returns them within 30 days, the total of these orders will be used to calculate the processing fee. And yes, there are a couple of stories behind this. The major story that caused this policy was a customer ordered 20 dresses, and returned 19 dresses after getting free shipping and at my low prices this was a big loss. Elitedresses is a small business, and if I want to stay in business, I can't afford losing money on too many orders. Shipping does cost and does the labor to pack, process the order, and then process the return. Luckily I have only had to do the processing charge 3 times so far. Simplified version - work with us and we will figure out a win win solution and take care of you. An example of a win win solution is getting one dress to see the color, style, how it fits instead of ordering 10 dresses of the same size, color, and style, and then returning all 10 because it could not be easily altered - another true story.

    Processing Fee for $300+ Orders
    Same as above, but the fee may be 25%. There has been a few customers who have decided paying the 15% fee is worth the convenience of not having to take their little girl shopping for hours. Unfortunately, even with the 15% Fee we lose money on super large orders. due to this, for $300+ of returns within 30 days we are increasing the processing fee that may be charged to 25%.

  8. Refund Times/Amount
    Refunds to your credit card take 2-20 days (depends on your bank/credit card company). I have no idea why it can take banks so long to process a refund, because they are so quick to process your payment. Debit cards also have a waiting time on how long the refund takes, and it varies depending on your bank. You will be credited for the amount of the item(s) only, the original shipping charges will not be credited or refunded (this doesn't apply if you are exchanging your order).

  9. Postage Due - Returns where postage is due, we will pay the postage, but it will be deducted from the return. An example of this is where a free return label is sent for 1 dress (under $10 for shipping), and the customer uses a large flat rate box to return the item (much more than $10).

  10. Why is the Return Policy so long?
    Due to feedback from customers and returns that bother me, the return policy gets a bit longer. Behind every change is a story :-) Sometimes it's to make the policy nicer, and other times to make it clearer, and other times I feel the return policy is being taken advantage of and needs to be changed. My goal with the return policy is to having a win win return policy that is fair.

The above policy is subject to change without notice.

Updated 4/19/17