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Typical Questions from Customers:

Why are you Prices so Low? Are they Wholesale?

Is there Something Wrong with the Dress?

Why Our Prices are Low:

We buy directly from manufacturers that are located near us in the garment district in Los Angeles. This allows us to offer near Wholesale prices. By avoid distributors and their mark up, as well as the high cost of shipping, it enables our prices to be a great value. Also, my goal is to have prices that are not going to be too high, but are fair. I avoid huge mark ups as many of our competitors, because my goal is to get you an amazing dress your daughters will love, at a fair price. Our prices appear near wholesale, because of the huge mark up wedding boutiques and other stores have on dresses. By being Internet only, it saves on the high cost of renting a space in a mall or shopping center, and the savings gets passed on to our customers. Our manufacturers also private label to top department and bridal stores. Luckily, they have also agreed to allow us to sell directly to our customers.

Is there Something Wrong with the Dress?

The quality of our dresses amazes our customers for the price they pay. The quality of our dresses is great. I am very picky about quality. When I was buying dresses for my daughter, I was frustrated by the super high prices I found for dresses, the horrible selection, and poor quality. A trick when your buying dresses, is look where the dresses are manufactured. Even clothes with Big Brand names, often have horrible quality. The fabric is thin and the clothes are not going to last long. I believe if you buy a dress, it should be able to be used multiple times.

Instead of paying $120 for a so so dress, our dresses with excellent quality, with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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