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Etiquette for Flower Girls

Flower girls are such an important part of a wedding ceremony. Wedding guests find it amusing and fun to see a sweet little girl coming down the aisle all dolled up and looking pretty. The tradition of a flower girl started in Rome and Greece many years ago when flower girls spread herbs and grains, which symbolized fertility for the bride. While not many people are aware of this fact, the tradition of flower girls has been part of matrimonial ceremonies all over the world since. There are some fine lines about what is expected of flower girls, who pays for her dress, and other such details. Let's learn the etiquette for flower girls.

How Old Should a Flower Girl Be

There is no set guideline for this decision. Much of choosing a flower girl is based on personal feelings and relationship with the little girl. A four- to five-year-old girl would probably handle the situation a bit better than a smaller girl. If the girl you want to choose does not want to be in the wedding party, you should not force her to do so. Just choose someone different.

How excited a little girl gets when she is asked to be the flower girl in a wedding. She will be dressed in a frilly, elegant dress, with her hair made up like a princess. So, who pays for this dress? It is generally expected that the parents of the flower girl will spring for the dress. There are some cases where the bride and groom will purchase the dress as a gift for the little girl, but if this is not offered, than you can assume that it is your responsibility. The same holds true for bridesmaids and ushers. When they agree to be in a wedding party, they are expected to pay for their outfits as well.

Attending the Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is a fun time for the couple and the family and friends who are part of the wedding party to relax and talk about the big day. Of course, the flower girl is just as much a part of the wedding party as the bridesmaids, ushers, and parents of the bride and groom. To this end, she should be invited to the rehearsal dinner. It is tradition that the groom's parents pay for the dinner, and if they have different feelings about the child being there, the bride and groom should do their best to change their minds. Perhaps arrangements could be made to have the flower girl picked up early from the dinner, instead of staying out too late with all of the adults. If the flower girl is adamant about not going to the dinner, then you should not force her to do so.

Standing in the Receiving Line?

Generally speaking, the flower girl is not part of the receiving line. It is a lot to expect a little girl to stand still and greet so many people that she does and doesn't know. Some flower girls are shy by nature, and this would be hard for them to do as well. One exception to this rule is when the flower girl is the daughter of one of the newlyweds. Then by all means she can certainly be part of the receiving line.

Additional Information

While there are accepted rules of etiquette for flower girls, most couples will arrange their wedding how they see fit. Because it is the couple's big day, friends and family should do their best to accommodate their wishes for this occasion. This may mean that the couple has different ideas about what they want the flower girl to do during and after the ceremony. As long as you know your daughter's role and responsibilities, you should do your best to make sure the couple has the best day ever.
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