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Flower Girl Responsibilities

A flower girl is a major attraction during a wedding ceremony. Her cute smile and adorable dress make everyone smile with delight. The typical age range for a flower girl is from four to six years of age, but this can certainly vary depending on circumstances. Besides being the "almost" center of attraction, what are a flower girl's other responsibilities?

The Bridal Shower

It is customary that the bridal party be attendance at the bride's shower. This would include the flower girl. In most cases, the flower girl is close to the bride in some respect either being her niece, a close friend's daughter, or some other way, so chances are the mother of the flower girl will be invited to the shower as well. She can look after her daughter. If the flower girl is the bride or groom's daughter, then she should have some parts in planning the shower to make it an extra special occasion for the bride.

The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is traditionally given by the groom's parents. The rehearsal dinner includes the bridal party, the parents' of the couple, and the clergy performing the ceremony. Of course, the flower girl is very much a part of the bridal party, and should be invited to attend the dinner as well. If the parents of the flower girl are not in the bridal party, then arrangements should be made to either pick up the flower girl early from the dinner, or to let one or both parents stay with her at the dinner. This is something that the bride and groom should discuss with the groom's parents ahead of time, so instructions are clear.

The Wedding Ceremony

The flower girl comes down the aisle just before the bride during the processional. She traditionally throws out rose petals, making a path for the bride. The bride may choose to have her hand out flowers instead of throwing down petals, and this is totally acceptable. Sometimes a flower girl will just hold a small bouquet without handing out anything.
Depending on how well the flower girl behaves, she can either stand in front of the bridesmaids during the ceremony, or can sit with her family. She will, however, need to walk back up the aisle in front of the maid or matron of honor during the recessional. The flower girl is not required to stand in the receiving line after the ceremony, as this can be hard on a child, and she may be shy with strangers.
The flower girl will need to stay for formal pictures after the ceremony is over and before going to the reception. She will likely need a parent or guardian to stay with her during this time to transport her to the reception.

The Reception

Flower girls should have a rightful place at the bridal table during the reception. If she chooses to sit with her family instead, this is perfectly acceptable. This is the last responsibility that the flower girl has for the wedding day. She is then free to dance and enjoy other's company, and be congratulated by all for her wonderful participation on the wedding day. Her parents are responsible for taking her home.
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