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How to Choose the Right Summer Colors for Your Wedding

Summer has got to be the most popular time to get married. June weddings are perfect for couples who want to take advantage of the most colorful season of the year.  And there is certainly nothing wrong with you wanting nothing but the prettiest shades of summer to complement the wedding of your dreams. A picture perfect wedding often means some serious attention to details. Deciding on the right color combination can spell the difference between success and disaster on your wedding day. 

Choosing the right summer colors for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you must make, but this should be easy especially if you know where to start. Drawing inspiration from mother nature and getting some good advice from friends and family help eliminate much of the guesswork!
With so many pretty color combination to choose from, it helps to first consider other important aspects of the wedding-- the theme, the location, and the best time of day. The next step is to come up with a list of possible color combination.

Popular Summer Colors

Colors that evoke summertime include simple shades of red, orange, yellow blue, green and brown while black, pink and purple make pretty accents.

Orange, gold, and yellow- these dazzling hues reflect the brilliance of the sun. A summer sunset wedding will look wonderful and glamorous with the use of these dramatic colors.

Red and pink- These lovely colors are perfect for a summer garden wedding. Red is the color of passion and romance, while pink represents grace and health. Together they make beautiful accents to almost any type of wedding, any time of the year. 

Blue- Blue represents the vast sky and the sea.  Blue tones are appropriate for outdoor summer weddings. Whether itís a poolside or a beach theme wedding, these shades will create a serene impression that will surely get the thumbs up from your guests.  

Green- Shades of green are not only gorgeous for spring themed weddings but for summer weddings too. Green represents new beginnings for the couple.  A green wedding that incorporates bright hues like yellow, soft pink, lavender and white make a fresh wedding.

White-White represents the intangibles: purity, loyalty, and other wholesome concepts. A white bridal gown goes well with almost any color, and is easily complemented by a pink or red flower girl dresses.

Black- Another nice accent to a summer wedding theme is the use of black.  Adding black to a wedding color scheme may seem less conventional and even unpopular but it's catching on.

These colors all work well for your summer wedding. Just remember, whatever wedding color theme you choose, be sure to weave it into the bridesmaid dresses, 
flower girl dresses, the invitations, favors, flowers and the wedding cake.

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