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How to Tie a Bow

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The "one loop" method that most people use with shoelaces doesn't produce the most symmetrical bow when used with ribbon. But, with a little tweaking of your technique, you will learn how to perfect making a bow using ribbon. This is great for making bows that sit atop gifts or for adding to hair accessories that you might be creating yourself.


  1. Cross the two ends of the ribbon and loop one end under. Do this the same way as when you start when you tie your shoes.
  2. Make one side of the ribbon into a loop. If you are tying a ribbon, make sure that it doesn't twist.
  3. Make the other side of the ribbon into an identical loop.
  4. Cross the two loops and pull the loop on top through the hole that exists between the two loops.This is the same motion you made in step one.
  5. Pull tightly. The bow will look messy at this point.
  6. Adjust the loops. Loosen the ends of the bow and keep adjusting until the loops sit evenly.


  • Make sure the two sides of the ribbon in the bow are the same length before you start to make it even at the end.

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