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Queue (Ponytail or pig tail) Definition

After the Ching Dynasty (also known as Qing were Manchu's from Northern China) took over , men were required to wear a queue, or a long pony tail as a mark of subservance. If the queue was cut off, this marked them as a rebel and if in the US, would not be allowed to return to China. In San Franscisco in 1876 the Chinese in polioce custody were required to have their Queue's cut off.  A Chinese then filed suit and in 1879 the United States Circuit Court invalidated the ordnance. The Ching Dynasty was overthrown in the revolution of 1911 and Queue's were then abandoned. The Chinese Dress, the QiPao was still worn in China and is even today as a fashion symbol,

Queue Chinese Ponytail

Boy's Chinese Costume with a Queue