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Fast, Safe, and Affordable US and Overseas Shipping

After having unpleasant experiences with other children's dress websites, Elite Dresses is Heaven. I ordered my 2 year old daughter's Easter dress on Monday evening and received it Thursday morning (no special shipping instructions), that's just their shipping policy.

My goal is to get your daughter her dress ASAP at the best cost possible

  • Low Cost, Fair Shipping!
  • Fast Shipping to your house with standard 2-4 Days Delivery for US Orders
  • We ship within 1 Business Day
  • International Shipping!
My goal is to ship as fast as possible at a reasonable price with great quality!


Lillian - EliteDresses

P.S. Buying a dress and making sure you get it on time is a huge responsibility, and I will not let you down! Please compare our reviews to those of our competitors and you will see why EliteDresses is the best choice for your daughter's dress.

United States, APO, and FPO

Free Shipping for Orders over $35 (Usually USPS, but we do offer FedEx Ground)

  • US Orders of $35 and over can choose Free Shipping using 4-5 Day Shipping!

Priority Mail USPS (Standard Shipping via the Post Office)

  • Only $5 for the first item. Each additional item is only $3.99 more.
  • Priority Mail takes 2-4 Days for U.S. shipments - California 1 day, East Coast is 2-3 days. Ships within 1 business day. Delivery time is not guaranteed (only Express Mail and FedEx next day are guaranteed).
  • Most cost effective way for shipping light weight packages! Other methods start at $10 and take up to a week. Compare our shipping rates with our competitors' and you will find we are on average 30% cheaper.

Next Day (USPS Express Mail) 1-2 Days (Express Mail Commitments from zip code 91748)

  • $44.99 for the first item and $7.99 for each additional item.
  • 10 AM cutoff on orders for in stock items All others will ship the following day. USPS does deliver on Saturdays and their commitment is by 3 PM. Express Mail is a lower Cost method that works 98% of the time for next day delivery to most locations. Please check the USPS Express Mail Commitments.
At this time, we are not offering Next Day Shipping. Too many headaches...

FedEx Next Day (FedEx Standard Overnight - Saturday Delivery not available)

  • $67.99 for the first item and $9.99 for each additional item. 10 AM cutoff on orders for in stock items. All others will ship the following day. We added this after finding Express Mail usually works, but sometimes takes 2 days. FedEx Standard Overnight is not available to all locations.
  • When you absolutely need it there the Next Business Day by 3 PM.
At this time, we are not offering Next Day Shipping. Too many headaches...

Canada and Mexico

1st Class Air Mail USPS - Canada / Mexico

  • $14.99 for the first item. Each additional item is $4.99 more.
  • Usually 7-15 shipping Days. It depends on customs.
  • All items are insured.
  • Up to 4 lbs.

Priority Mail International USPS - Canada / Mexico

  • $24.99 for the first item, each additional item is $7.99 more.
  • Usually 5-10 shipping days. It depends on customs.
  • All items are insured.
  • Includes tracking.
Express Mail 3-5 Business Days USPS - Canada / Mexico
  • $47.99 for the first item, each additional item is $7.99.
  • Usually 3-5 shipping Days. It depends on customs.
  • All items are insured.
  • Includes tracking.

All duties, tariffs, etc. are payable by the customer. Move details below.

Foreign Shipping (Except Canada and Mexico)

Air Mail U.S. Postal Service is usually 7-21 shipping days (depends on customs).

  • $18.99 for the first item, and $7.99 for each additional item.
  • All items are insured.

International Priority Mail (Faster) U.S. Postal Service 5-10 shipping days (depends on customs).

  • $37.99 for the first item, and $7.99 for each additional item.
  • All items are insured.
  • Includes tracking.

Express Mail (Fastest) 3-5 Business Days (depends on customs), except Canada and Mexico

  • $47.99 for the first item, plus $7.99 for each additional item.
  • All items are insured.
  • Includes tracking.

All duties, tariffs, etc. are to be paid by the customer. More details below.

Size Chart Conversion Table- Guide to US Sizes in cross reference to European, Japanese and Australian sizes

Will Call - At this time we are no longer doing in store pickups.

Shipping and Handling include:

  • Items individually checked for flaws
  • Heat sealed in a plastic bag.


Q. Why is your shipping so low?

A. Shipping is not a profit area for us and we charge as close to our actual cost as possible.

Q. Why is your shipping so high for Overseas?

A. Unfortunately shipping overseas is very costly and shipping is not a profit area for us. We charge the minimum we can. I wish shipping overseas cost less! A customer I was speaking with today was charged for Priority Mail $29.95 for a dress to Australia, and my cost was $32.95. Yes, we often lose money on shipping.

Q. Is there a tariff and/or duty in my country?

A. All duties, tariffs, etc. are paid by the customer. Our pricing and shipping charges do not include this. Some countries do have duties and we have limited knowledge in this area. If an item is a gift please make a note on your form and we will mark the custom form as such. Sometimes packages get hit with tariffs when shipped to a country, and other times, shipping to the same country, they do not.

Q. Is there a delay for Credit Cards / Fraud Verification?

A. Your order, if it's suspicious may be delayed while we verify your credit cards. US Credit Card verification is same day, but overseas may take 2-3 days. We usually only do this for orders over a certain amount. This change was caused by an order to Ireland for a large amount of money that was a fraud.

Q. How long does it take to clear/get out of customs?

A. It seems to vary from country to country. I wish I had a better answer on this! If your package has been delayed please contact us and we will help as much as we can. If your package is in customs, give them a call! In some countries it takes a personal visit to get an item out of customs. I have seen some items clear customs in a day, and others take over a week.

Q. Express Mail - Why we do it

A. I offer it as a service to our customers. My staff basically drop everything to get the dress out ASAP because there are hard deadlines to meet. A special trip to the post office has to be made for Express Mail packages. And yes, I know all the cut off times for local post offices for Express Mail and FedEx Next Day. International Express is the worst for us, since we have no control over customs. It's very sad when a package gets delivered late, and does not get there in time for a customer. With domestic Express Mail, if the commitment is not kept the postage will be refunded by the Post Office, but that does not get the dress to the customer on time. This does not apply to Express Mail overseas.

Q. Tips for Dealing with Customs!

A. The only time I hear about customs is when there is a problem. Customs, when there is a problem, is incredibly frustrating!

If you noticed a delay, contract us and your local postal service. Since it's in your country, your call will get a lot faster action (within hours or a day), than us contacting the US Postal Service, that then contacts your postal service (say a week). Many businesses selling girl's dresses don't sell overseas, and I understand why. The higher the class for shipping, the faster the package usually clears customs (Express Mail usually clears customs faster than 1st class, for example). It's very sad when a customer does not get the dress when they needed it, and I totally sympathize. Overseas shipping times are not guaranteed, unfortunately, and customs can be a challenge.

Q. Do you ship to APO and FPO?

A. Yes! And with US Postage rates! APO's and FPO's often need a customs form which we add. The 2-3 days priority delivery time does not apply to APO's and FPO's.

Q. Can I get free shipping for my $20 dress order?

A. Unfortunately shipping is not free to us. We offer free shipping for orders over $35, but at $20 we would lose money on shipping. It costs at least $6 to ship a $20 dress.

Q. Why is your shipping so high?

A. Actually our shipping is very low if you look at our competitors. Some offer free shipping, but then they charge more for the dress, than I do. My goal is to offer fair, fast shipping and fair prices on our dresses being fair to you and to us;.

Q. Why don't you use FedEx Next Day delivery instead of USPS Express Mail?

A. The cost for FedEx Next Day for a dress is about double that of USPS. I added an option for FedEx Next Day because when people want it there Next Day, they want it Next Day. Express Mail is lower cost, but it's not always next day. For some locations within the US, it's actually 2 days. You can check Express Mail Commitments by entering your zip code and ours (91748) to get their commitment. And even if they miss their date (98% of the time, they are good), they issue a refund for shipping. If you definitely need it there next day, I recommend going with FedEx. Business days only. A special trip is needed by us to the FedEx office so we can meet the deadlines.

Q. Why has the cost of postage increased so much?

A. A combination of increase in the price of gas (oil) as well as USPS actually handling less mail. Everyone is paying bills online and sending E-Mail instead of letters which hurts USPS.

Q. Why don't you use UPS Ground vs. Priority Mail?

A. Priority Mail at this time is a better deal for our customers. UPS Ground takes up to 5 days, whereas Priority Mail is 1-3 days. The cost for UPS starts around $10, and Priority Mail starts around $6. UPS is usually a better deal when you are dealing with heavier packages, so in the future we may change some heavier packages to UPS. UPS can also add a fuel surcharge to their freight amount. For orders shipped with Free Shipping, FedEx Ground or UPS Ground are often used.

Q. What if I need to return a dress?

A. For orders under 30 days and over $50, EliteDresses for US customers now offers Free Return Shipping.

Q. What if I need to return or exchange a dress?

A. To make life easy, please place a new order first. Then return the original dress, and if it's a US order, we will refund the shipping on your original order as a customer courtesy, if you need a different size. See our Returns Page for details.

Q. Why don't you give out your address for will calls?

A. I tried Will Calls and I am just not staffed for it. I can't afford at our prices to give customers the individual attention which happens with dress will calls all too often. And yes, I have stories...

Q. Why don't you use UPS or FedEx for overseas shipping?

Cost. We have found that UPS or FedEx is usually 200 to 300% more than using the US Postal Service for shipping. So a charge for $20 using Airmail 1st Class to Canada, would be $40 to $60 plus guaranteed custom fees using UPS or FedEx. For Canada, what I have noticed is the custom fees when shipped via USPS are sometimes not collected.

Q. Why Can't I Track My package overseas, but I see tracking in the US?

1st Class Overseas only shows tracking within the US. Once it goes overseas there is no tracking in some countries.

Q. Why do you recommend calling my local post office if I don't get my overseas package?

I have noticed that when there are problems with package delivery overseas, often a quick call to the local postal service results in the package getting delivered. The same thing happens with US deliveries. I am happy to open up a case with the US Postal Service, and if the package does not show up 5 days after the promised delivery date (ship date + maximum shipping days + 5 days), I can ship a replacement at no additional cost to you. I do ask for a couple of days to investigate and open a case, which is why we ask for the 5 days.

Q. Lost Packages

I have had very good luck not having lost packages with our over 10,000 orders shipped. We have had around 3 packages lost for EliteDresses. Of course Ray, my husband, was so lucky that one of the packages lost was being shipped for my mother, to her sister. If you are having delivery issues, please contact us ASAP so we can help you get your dress right away. Sometimes package issues are due to the addresses being wrong, people moving, USPS issues, etc. All US packages have delivery confirmation on them.

Q. Guarantee on Shipping Times

The only guarantees on shipping times are with FedEx Express and USPS Express Mail domestic. If your order does not arrive within the promised time, please contact us and we will issue a refund. For all other shipping types, the shipping times are estimates.