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Get the Right Sized Dress!

We have shipped over 25,000 dresses, and along the way we have become experts on sizing to get you the right size dress for your little girl. We want you to have your little girl open the box when the dress arrives, with a big smile on her face, take it out, try it on, and it fits so she keeps the big smile.

Typical Sizing Issues:

  1. Different styles of dresses, are not the same size.
  2. Different manufacturers, have different sizing. A size 10 from one manufacturer, may be a size 12 from another.
  3. Some dresses run small, large, short, etc.
  4. Time issues
  5. Measuring Issues

What we offer to fix the Sizing Headaches

Size Charts

Each of our products has its own size chart. There is a graphic button that says Size Chart, next to the pull down to select a size.

We have a size guarantee!

Send us the measurements of your child and your covered, we will take care of the rest! We will have one of our staff members physically measure the dress you're interested in and then contact you with the sizing information. You can then determine what size is best for your Daughter and place your order. Please call us, E-Mail, or use the Live Chat.
US Customers only. If for any reason the Dress doesn't fit, we will exchange the dress with one that is the right size at no cost to you, and pay for the return shipping coming back. If the right size is not available, a refund will be issued. All exchanges or returns must be made withing 30 Days of purchase and must have original dress tag attached. This is good for all dresses $50 and over.

Getting the right size is a huge headache, and there can be a lot of variables. Sometimes the actual dress varies a little from the size chart, and keep in mind that sizing varies from style to style. We want to reduce the headaches of getting the wrong size dress, or of having to order 2, and then returning one. Its a win win for both of us!

But, I don't know how to Measure?

  • This is a page all about how to measure your child.

But I Don't Have Time? I need to order it today?

  • If you can, send us the measurements in the order notes and we will check the actual dress.

What if it's too short?

  • We add notes on dresses that are short in the description. Same if a dress runs large or small. We analyze why dresses are returned, and when we see a pattern, we add a note.
Are Your Size Charts Foreign?
  • All our size Charts are US, even for the Chinese and Vietnamese costumes. The measurements are correct.
  • Our size charts have a tab in centimeters, for those of you not in love with using inches for measuring.
  • Fun fact, the US is one of the only country not using Metric.
  • And here is a US to Foreign Sizing Conversion Chart:to refer to as well.

The Little Girls is Not Available To Measure?

  • If you have a dress that she fits, measure that lying down.

Common Sense Girls Dresses Sizing Tips:

1. Use common sense when selecting a dress. If your child usually wears a size 6, don't order a size 2.

2. Kids Grow! Add Extra Room for growth, especially if the event is a few months away. Do not order too far in advance. 1 month is usually a good time frame, not unless you are shipping internationally. If so, please contact us prior to ordering.

3. Kids need room to breath. Dresses can vary in size a bit, in the cutting process. Do not order too exact in size. Girdles have gone out of style...

4. Size Charts are 99% right.We have done our best and spent a huge amount of time on size charts and have the best in our industry, but we still find mistakes. The safest way is contact us if you have any questions.

5. Sizes vary, depending on the style, even if the dress has the same length. Even from the same manufacturer. Some dresses run big, some run small, and some are just right. On the size chart there are notes saying if a dress runs big, small, etc. If we have a note this is a short dress, it's really a short dress..

8. Chinese and Vietnamese Costume Dresses run small. They are made for a pencil figure, which makes it a headache for US girls. The size charts are American. Usually, I recommend go with a larger size.