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What is a tea length girl's dress?

The hem of a true tea-length dress should hit near the bottom of the calf. That is, about 4 inches above the ankle -- give or take a few centimeters, depending on how long your legs are.

However, that being said, if you try to purchase a formal tea-length dress, most stores will either show you a cocktail dress, which may be at or slightly above the knee, or a intermission length dress, which falls between the knee and mid calf area, instead of a true tea-length dress.

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Also a fashion consultant said that our body parts are proportioned and it's best to use them.
For tea length garments,  she said to put your hand on the top of your foot, with the middle finger extended on the foot and your thumb extended back up your leg.  Where your thumb comes, is where you should hem garments that are meant to be that long, but above-the-ankle, length.