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Wedding Flower Symbology: What Do Different Flowers Represent?

What wedding ceremony would be complete without flowers? Flowers are used to adorn the alter or other location for the ceremony. The bride holds a bouquet of flowers as she is escorted down the aisle. The bridesmaids also have smaller bouquets on most occasions. Even the ushers wear carnations or other flowers on their tuxedos. Why all the flowers? Let's learn more about wedding flower symbology.

Flower Colors

The colors that a bride and groom choose for the flowers in their wedding ceremony depends on different factors. For instance, if a wedding is going to be in spring or summer, flowers might be bright and bold. If the wedding is around a holiday season, the flowers might match the colors of the holiday season.


Trends play a big role in what colors are chosen as well. If lilac is a popular color for clothes and accessories, then lilac flowers might be the favorite choice of color for the flowers in the ceremony. There is no set rhyme for what flowers are chosen, but there is usually a personal reason behind them. Here is what some flower colors mean in a traditional wedding setting:


Red Depicts boldness. It is a color that portrays life and vitality. Red is often used in weddings that are centered around a holiday season, such as Christmas.

Pink Has many meanings. Some include openness, love, and harmony. Pink flowers are used to remind the couple of fidelity and gentleness.

Orange Means creativity. Orange flowers are often used to illuminate the ceremony and bring a sense of pleasure.

Yellow A festive color that is used year-round. Bright yellow is a spring and summer color, while gold is used for colder months and around holidays. Yellow flowers bring a sense of awareness and bring out of colors of flowers in complimentary fashion.

Green Signifies youth and nature. It celebrates life and healing.

Blue Represents loyalty. It signifies the couples faithfulness to each other. Blue is also associated with winning, as the couple is a winning combination.

Indigo Signifies royalty and intuition. It is a color of tranquility of peace.

Purple Associated with nobility. It also signifies inspiration. Purple includes lavender, lilac, and violet colors.

White/Silver A symbol for peace. White is associated with purity. Both colors stand for protection as well.

Black Divine power. It signifies expertise and sophistication. While black is often associated with negativity, there are many times it represents elegance as well.

Flower Meanings

Each flower has a meaning and story behind how it was used and when it came into existence. Here is a list of the common flowers used in wedding ceremonies, and what they mean.


Baby's Breath Happiness

Calla lilies Majestic beauty.

Daisy Gentleness and innocence. Loyal in love.

Hyacinth I will pray for you.

Hydrangea Thank you for understanding.

Lilly of the Valley Total purity and sweetness; humility.

Orchid Beautiful and refined.

Peony Happy marriage; happy life.

Rose Happy in love.

Stephanotis Happiness in marriage.

Tulips Symbol of the perfect lover.


Flowers are an important part of a wedding celebration. They add ambiance and fragrance to the big event. As you can see, flowers have many routed meanings that can make a couple's wedding day feel extra warm and special. Choosing flowers for your wedding day is exciting, and there are many other flowers to choose from than what are listed here. Talking with your florist should help make your decisions easier and most appropriate for your wedding day.