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Wedding Traditions and Customs

Weddings are just as diverse as the couple who comes together to share their lives forever. Traditional American weddings take place in a church with family and friends in attendance to help celebrate the joyous occasion. Chinese Weddings have adopted parts of the Western Customs and Tradition, but have still kept the traditional Chinese Wedding Culture and Tradition.

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American Wedding Participants American Wedding Customs and Traditions
American weddings are pretty diverse these days. As you can imagine, couples get married in non-traditional settings, as well as the traditional church setting. We were lucky that we got married by a friend of the family, whom was a minister.

Find out more about the roles people play in American weddings!
American Weddings are usually held in churches, but can also be done in other venues. A lot of wedding customs are done for the couple not only for the luck's sake, but also because it's fun and makes the wedding more memorable for the couple.
  • Something old, something new
  • Veil and Bridesmaids
  • Throwing Rice
  • Throwing the Bouquet, Catching the garter
  • Flower Girl and Ring Boy
  • And Other Customs
Chinese Wedding Customs Choosing a Flower Girl
  • Birth Dates & Family Tree,
  • Formal Gifts for Bride's Family
  • Bridal Bed
  • Vising the Bride on Wedding Day
  • Wedding Banquet,
  • Monetary gift to Bride & Groom
Tips on How to Choose your Flower Girl
  • The Age Range
  • Too Many Choices?
  • Friend Over Family? 
  • Picking The Cutest Child?
  • A Bundle of Nerves
Plus fun additional information inside...
Ettiquette for Flower Girls Chinese Tea Ceremony
  • How old, Buying the Dress
  • Attending Rehearsal Dinner
  • Standing in Receiving Line
Descriptions of the steps and culture and tradition that make up the Chinese Tea Ceremony, that are a core part of a traditional Chinese Wedding
Filipino Weddings Customs and Traditions How to Choose the Right Summer Colors for Your Wedding
Filipino Wedding Customs and Traditions with their mix of Western and Eastern Traditions
  • color combination for summer weddings
Flower Girl Hair Tips Flower Girl Responsibilities
Flower Girl Hair Tips that will get the perfect look that captures their youth and specialness of your day
  • at Bridal Shower
  • at Rehearsal Dinner
  • at Wedding Ceremony
Flower Girl Tips Flowers Symbology
  • Attire
  • Calmness
  • Show Appreciation
  • Flower
        Symbolic Meanings
  • Flower
        of the Month
Vietnamese Wedding Customs Wedding Flower Symbology
  • nap thai
  • van danh
  • nap cat
  • thunh ky
  • nap te
  • than nghenh
  • Flower
  • Flower