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KD Sizes
Size Charts Dress Style 8026, D135
Size Chart for DKC1199
Size Chart Dress Christening Gowns-Beautiful Timeless Christening Gown DKD201
Size Chart for 220 Boys Outfit
Size Chart for Bolero
Size Chart for DAG1200 First Communion Dress
Size Chart for DR 643
Size Chart for DR First Communion Dresses
Size Chart for Girl's Ballerina Formal Dress DKD264
Size Chart for Girl's Ombre Style with Rosette Top DKD320
Size Chart for Girl's Sequined Bodice with Layered Mesh Skirt
Size Chart for Girls Dress D064
Size Chart for Girls Dress D127
Size Chart for Girls' Dress Style D129 (8033)
Size Chart for Style DKD325
Size Chart for Style DR 259
Size Chart for Tent Dresses
Size Chart Traditional Christening Gown with Capsleeves DKD209
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns DAG 303
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns DAG Style 554
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns-Beautiful Timeless Christening Gown DAG Style
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns-C610
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns-DKD183
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns-DKD236
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns-DKD251
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns-DKD263
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns-Floor Length Christening Gown
Size Charts Dress Christening Gowns-KD
Size Charts Dress DAG Style 555
Size Charts Dress DAG Style 571
Size Charts Dress DAG Style 572
Size Charts Dress DAG Style 573
Size Charts Dress Style D136
US Size Chart First Communion Dress DR 8031/8033/8035
US Size Chart for Girl's Cap Sleeved Formal KD Dress Style 222
US Size Chart for DKC1219
Flower Color